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Iron Fist
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Iron Fist, Punk Shoes
A real melting pot of streetwear culture. That's how you can describe the brand Iron Fist. Alternating between the skate world and that of surf, influenced by both the punk and goth movements, the brand has launched a collection of clothing and shoes with character! The idea for the brand took shape in San Diego, California, in 2001, between two friends from South Africa, Mike and Travis, who wanted to design unique products with a rebellious style that couldn't be found anywhere else. Using the boot of their car as their first boutique and without any strategy or budget, they designed models with an art and style that made them creative works of art with an underground feel. Each shoe embodies an explosion of colours which combines the art of tattooing, graffiti, manga, and even comics from the '70s. As such, the brand takes their name from the famous comic book hero, Iron Fist. So, why wait to add a touch of spice to your wardrobe?

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Shoes Women Court shoes Iron Fist CHANGE YOUR SPOTS Leopard

Iron Fist
Change Your Spots

USD/$68.00      USD/$54.40
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Shoes Women Court shoes Iron Fist CHANGE YOUR SPOTS Leopard
Iron Fist
Change Your Spots

USD/$68.00      USD/$54.40


Iron Fist Shoes

Punk rock fashion

If you are a fan of unique style, and you like to flirt with a rock look, and you dare to wear eccentric fashion, then you'll love the brand Iron Fist. Inspired by the world of comic books, this brand from California has created underground style since 2001. Trainers, flat shoes and heels from the brand redefine what you think you know about these essential fashion pieces.

Very high heels

The main feature of Iron Fist is colourful graphic prints in all possible forms. Skulls and lace, dots and bows, they know how to play with these genres perfectly. But what fans of the brand love in particular is without a doubt the very high heels in their women's shoes collection. Whether they are wedge heels, stilettos or platform, they are always extravagent, and these shoes will set you apart.

Shopping on

On Spartoo you'll find the latest collections of Iron Fist shoes so you can always keep one foot in underground fashion. Concerning price you can count on spending around £30 for a pair of flat shoes and £40 for a pair of sexy heels. And for those who want even more daring fashion, browse the brands Miss L'Fire, Irregular Choice or Dr Martens who also know how to create a rock vibe.

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