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Referencing and listing criteria

The Marketplace service:

SPARTOO offers through the site, a platform (hereinafter the “SPARTOO MarketPlace”) with the aim of connecting buyers who are consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Code (hereinafter the "Buyers"), with professional third-party sellers (hereinafter the "Sellers") marketing products, called partner products (hereinafter the "Products").
In order to be able to sell their Products on the SPARTOO MarketPlace, Sellers must adhere to the “SPARTOO MarketPlace” good practice charter and comply with their contractual obligations arising from the MarketPlace contract binding them to SPARTOO.
As part of this connection, SPARTOO only acts as a host for the Sellers and cannot be considered as a party to the sales contract concluded between the Sellers and Buyers.


SPARTOO selects its Marketplace Sellers according to certain criteria, in particular:
- The quality of their offer concerning certain categories of products (shoes, clothing, sporting goods, handbags and other accessories);
- The competitiveness of their prices;
- The speed and reliability of their transport solutions;
- The speed and efficiency of their customer service.
Access to the MarketPlace service involves the payment by the Seller of remuneration for the benefit of SPARTOO under the terms of the MarketPlace contract. This remuneration has no impact on the way in which the Sellers' Products are classified or promoted on the site


The Products offered by Sellers on the MarketPlace are dereferenced in the event of:
- Closing of the seller's account at the Seller's own initiative;
- Deletion of a product at the Seller's own initiative;
- Failure to respect the Seller's contractual commitments;
- Non-compliance with the qualitative criteria of SPARTOO by the Seller.

Content classification:

The products offered on the site are classified according to their gender (woman, man, child, home, etc.) grouping together the different product categories (shoes, clothing, beauty, sport, luxury, etc.).
For each category, the products sold are displayed in the following order:
- Products sold by SPARTOO;
- MarketPlace products sold by the brand;
- MarketPlace products sold by third-party Sellers;
- Products sorted according to certain criteria selected by the Buyer.
The classification of products within the various aforementioned sections occurs automatically, depending, among other criteria, on the number of sales on the product, combined with the consideration of the number of views, and the turnover generated. br>
1. Products sold by SPARTOO
The products sold by SPARTOO are visible from the first page of search results (by brand, category,…). In the event of a product sold by Spartoo running out of one size or size, the product sold by the brand supplier (hereinafter the "Brand Seller") is offered as a priority. If no Brand Seller is present on the site, then the product sold by one of the Third Party Sellers is offered.

2. MarketPlace products sold by the
brand If the product is not sold by SPARTOO, we offer the products sold by the brand supplier first. This information is given with the notion "Partner product" from the search results.
The product sheet is the one directly communicated by the brand (photos and description), in this case we display the mention "Partner product" on the product sheet. The information relating to the sale (GTC, delivery policy and return policy) is visible to the customer directly on the Product sheet.

3. MarketPlace Products Sold by Third Party Sellers
Where the Product is not sold by SPARTOO or the brand supplier, then we offer for sale the product sold by a Third Party Retailer. The Product sheet is given directly by the Seller (photos and description), in this case we display the mention "Partner Product" on the Product Sheet. The information relating to the sale (GTC, delivery policy and return policy) is visible to the customer directly on the Product sheet.
4. Products sorted according to certain criteria selected by the Buyer

Buyers can also choose for themselves how the products are classified by selecting certain sorting criteria (sorting by relevance, increasing prices, decreasing prices, new arrivals, discount%), or apply filters to classify the products into more categories. specific (sizes, genre, brands, color, composition, etc.) Buyers also have the option of choosing to display only SPARTOO products or partner products.

Payment terms

The Buyer pays the amount of the Products to the Marketplace Seller at the time of ordering directly through their SPARTOO customer account. They use, in particular, one of the following options: - Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express card.
- PayPal account: in this case the Buyer will be automatically redirected to his PayPal account. Once the PayPal payment has been validated, the Buyer can complete their order.
If other means of payment are accepted by the Seller, the Buyer is informed via the Product sheet.


All the Products sold on the Marketplace by the Seller benefit from the legal guarantees under the applicable law, in particular the legal guarantee of conformity or any other legal guarantee allowing the Buyer to return the Products to the Seller or to be reimbursed for a part. the price of the Products by the Seller.
If the Products benefit from a contractual guarantee given by the Seller, or by the manufacturer of the Product, this information will be indicated on the Product Sheet.


All complaints by the Buyer must be sent to the Seller via their SPARTOO customer account.
In the event of a claim by the Purchaser for late delivery, non-compliance or damage to the Products within thirty (30) days of the confirmation of the Product order or any other longer period accepted by the Seller or provided for by applicable law, the Seller alone resolves the dispute.
The Seller has a period of two (2) working days to respond to complaints from Buyers.
If a dispute arises, any customer can send a written request to SPARTOO, which will do its utmost to resolve it. If the amicable resolution attempt fails, a request to a mediator must be made within one year of the amicable complaint. The customer can use the following “dispute resolution” platform to settle any disputes:
This last provision does not apply for Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco and other French-speaking countries.

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